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Hello and welcome to my subscription service!

During the next 12 months, I will give away items from my back catalog which will include:

1. Mindfilter debut album
2. Mera Therapy album
3. Invisible Rain album
4. Fusionist ep - with 6 trks
5. ElevatoR Sessions album - unreleased tracks ... only ever used for DJ performances and exclusive to subscribers only
6. The Remix collection - this includes the unheard Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Remixes that were never released
7. Mumbai Dreamer - Bollywood covers compilation album by various artists recorded at the Mood lab studio

... and much more including planned live footage of the coolest Indo jazz fusion jam sessions from the Mood Lab.

I want to continue creating innovative and alternative music.
I need you to believe in me and support my work ... no more record labels ... it's just me and you.

Maximum appreciation and thanks for your support.

What you get:

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TJ Rehmi
TJ Rehmi, guitarist, composer & producer, has been a pioneering and innovative artist who, from the early 1990’s, has been exploring the use of technology with world music. His work includes recording and performing as a session guitarist, composing experimental solo albums, remixing and studio production for others.
Presently, he is the creaTive director & Music producer @ the Mood Lab Studio.

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